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Are you looking for a property? Whether it is for own stay or for investment purpose, property in the central business district such as Orchard can be really unaffordable, especially to young working adults. Perhaps young working adults can look into a quieter district such as Novena. It is less busy and more of a residential area as well. There are also many condominiums in Novena for sale. Although being a quieter area, Novena has a lot to offer. This article will guide you through some food places to visit in Novena.

           1. Tomi Sushi
Tomi Sushi first opened at Niigata in 1954 and eventually expanded out of Japan in 2010 to Singapore, being the first stop. Tomi Sushi is definitely a great place for sashimi lover. Your taste bud will be swimming in joy with the thickly sliced and fresh sashimi. Tomi Sushi offers a variety of food, such as Wafu steak, grilled items and Japanee noodles. If you are feeling adventurous, do try their Ankimo, which is a liver of a monkfish.

           2. La Ristrettos Cafe
It takes some time to locate La Ristrettos Café as it is actually located at the 8th floor in Novena Medical Centre, but it is definitely worth the time as you get to enjoy a cup of coffee away from the bustling city. La Ristrettos café serves all day breakfast and a selection of pastas at affordable price. You can also get a view of the garden from the café if you seating in door. If not, you can always opt to sit outdoor if you do not mind the heat in sunny Singapore.

          3. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
Craftsmen Specialty Coffee in Novena is a hit among the working class during lunch hours. They have a wide array of menu that includes all day breakfast. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is well known for their breakfast and amazing coffee. The menu consists of mainly all day breakfast and brunch items. Do try on their waffles as well as they offer both sweet and savoury waffles.

           4. Once Upon a Thyme
Once Upon a Thyme is well known for their battered fish aglio olio. The battered fish is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and served with the aglio olio that is tossed with mushroom, garlic, chilli and homemade coriander dip. You should also try on their all-thyme favourites if you happen to visit.

Be prepared to wait around 10 minutes for your food to be served as the pasta is made to order.

           5. Pig’s Fly Kitchen and Bar
Pig’s Fly Kitchen and Bar is a place that serves 6 specialty stalls, consisting of the Western, British, Italian, Japanese, Thai and Indian along with a bar full of more than 50 artisanal beers from all over the world.

Pig’s Fly Kitchen and Bar is definitely the right place for hangout over beer with a group of friends.

           6. Ramen Monster
Ramen Monster is founded by Yeo Kian Tiong, who is a ramen lover. The ramen in Ramen Monster is affordable, with prices ranging from $15 to $25.

Due to the reasonably priced ramen at Ramen Monster, the restaurant can be busy, especially during lunch hours.

           7. The Clueless Goat
The Clueless Goat is one of the cafes that charges no GST and service charge in Singapore. The coffee beans used in The Clueless Goat are from Common Man Coffee. Great news to those who love coffee. The menu includes all day brunch, The Goat’s Sandwiches, salads and sides, waffles and drinks. Food served here are affordable as the prices are lower than many other cafes that serve similar food.

           8. Katong Laksa
The highly raved Katong Laksa by the avid Laksa lovers out there. Only simple ingredients such as rice noodle, hearty browth and sambal are used to produce amazing bowls of Laksa. The gravy is homewade with their own recipe of spices used. It is well balanced out by the coconut milk, evaporated milk and chilli. Do not get deceived by its simple looking bowl, this bowl of Laksa contains the freshest ingredient with amazing broth over the noodles. The Laksa noodles are cut into shorter length for easier consumption. 

This hearty bowl of Laksa is definitely a great comfort food especially during cold rainy days.

          9. Ah Chew Dessert
Ah Chew Dessert has always been one of the top choices for dessert place among the Singaporeans. They have an extensive menu where you will be spoilt for choice. In addition, Ah Chew Dessert is also a great place for durian lovers as they serve several durian desserts, such as durian sago, durian pomelo mango sago ando so on. Rest assured that the durians and mango used are all fresh. Do try their version of steamed milk if you like the one from Yee Shun Milk Company in Hong Kong.

In conclusion, Novena has more than what you can imagine when it comes to food choices. You will definitely be spoilt for choices. 



  1. wowwww! I nampak Katong Laksa, mesti best gila... Banyak jugak eh makanan area Novena tu... Lengkap semua makanan, dari barat ke timur ada pilihankan.

  2. Ohhh wow. Macam menarik je. Especially Tomi Sushi. Nice sharing

  3. Banyak banget ya makanannya di Novena nih. Nyatanya tomi sushi tih dah lama bangat yah coz awal mula thn 54

  4. Akak x makan sushi so bukan pilihan..haaaaaa..akak hantu laksa..boleh la kalu pi sini akak opt for KAtong Laksa...menarik ni....pokok pangkal kena bijak memilih kan?

  5. Salam jumaat, mama singgah bertamu blog sis, jalan jalan makan makan betul ni :)

  6. baca entry ni duk teringat tomi sushi ja huhu

  7. Wah ada macam-macam gak di Novena ni..tomi sushi tu 1st time dengar..bunyi macam menarik

  8. Wah.. first time dengan nama Novena ni.. ingatkan novel tadi.. heheh.. rupanya nama tempat makan yea.. ada pelbagai menu yang menarik di Novena ni yea.. TB suka yang Dessert2 tu.. nyum2..

  9. Serious at first thought Novena at Europe. First time heard about this place. Many interesting place to visit.

  10. bestnya banyak menu best! First time tahu pasal Katong Laksa :D

  11. Hi kak aisya..Lama dah rabia tak singgah blog kak.

  12. good to start. bagus idea dan impian you semoga sukses dan berjaya. my fav aglio kalau dah statt jangan lupa tag kak nora nak dtg terjah support..

  13. The battered fish aglio olio at 'Once Upon a Thyme' sounds scrumptious! I would definitely love to take a bite of that. :D

  14. Banyak gk pilihan makanan kat sini ya. Senang tak payah pening kepala nak pilih apa. Sis klu pilihan laksa n sushi..mmg fav

  15. thats a good list of places. i approve. hehe. very well written aisya! Now its time to hunt down these places. YASSS

  16. nice info. will apply soon !

  17. i mean, hopefully dapat travel ke sana ofkos. tak sabar

  18. woah jauh nk kena jalan nih. btw dah bc ke last episode taj mahal?

  19. Pilihan makanannya semua menarik!

  20. Wah menarik juga food choices kat Novena ni.

  21. nama-nama ni semua blum pernah cuba..ok nak cek jap..hehee

  22. First time dengar novena ni , tq for sharing

  23. bestnya kalau dapat travel di Novena


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